Thursday, August 11, 2011

Have you ever left a Restaurant & still hungry?

I came upon the second restaurant in my adult life that I left and spent way over 100.00 for two people and was still hungry!!
Kio Restaurant -
If you are wondering what the first restaurant was it was Maze - at the London NYC.

Another year of being a Nyer living like a Tourist!!

Well our lease was coming to an end...very sad. The responsible thing to do would be to put in a new kitchen in my Long Island home. But hell who wants to be responsible when I can live part time enjoying the BEST CITY in the WORLD! NEW YORK we are not leaving just yet.
There were so many restaurants and activities I still wanted to do that I did not get a chance to do!! Now I can!!! And I just started getting into take some great recreational cooking classes at Ice Culinary school. So now I will be taking more of those!!
YAY!!! NYC we are hear to stay!! (at least till Sept. 30, 2012) We still have over a year of this view!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Do's & Don't List

Yes, Long time no posting on my blog. I have not posted since April 2011. I had a few crazy busy months, but I was still on the go here and there in NYC. To sum things up I have some "Do's & Don't" of what I did over the past few months. Enjoy!!
(Not in any order)
DO's in NYC
1. HK Cafe - Hell's Kitchen -
The brunch is a must!
2. The LOT - (High Line at 30th Street entrance)
this is only here for the summer of 2011, but if you are a Food Truck junkie and love craft beer, I highly making a stop here.
3. Piola - East Village
Fell upon this place on a walk home and loved the selections of pizza and also noticed they have an "All you can eat Pizza" on Sundays.
4. The Red Cat - Restaurant - Chelsea -
Next to my long time favorite also in Chelsea El Quijote, I list this as my next favorite in NYC so far to date. The food is flavorful and delicious especially thier side dish of polenta.
5. The Addams Family - Broadway show -
I really enjoyed this show. The cast looked just like the Addams family. It was cute & funny and the stage sets done amazingly well. The singing was a bit disappointing, but I still think this should be a "DO"
6. Hair - Broadway show - If you are from the 60's or have interest in the 60's I would say this is a "DO" but you only have until September 10, 2011!!
7. The Pony Bar - Hell's Kitchen -
been back here numerous times over the months. This is a great bar for people who LOVE Craft beer. I hope to be back many more times as long as I rent in Hell's Kitchen NYC!
8. The Frying Pan - Chelsea -
Of course I returned to the Frying pan when the weather warmed up. A real novilty not to be missed to go once during the warm month for a lunch
9. Food Trucks - Wafels & Dinges Truck & Coolhaus - two musts to follow on Twitter and know where they are so you can try them!! DELICIOUS!!! Twitter - @COOLHAUS @Waffletruck
10. Cowgirl Hall of Fame - West Village - BEST MARGARITA's -
Been here over and over for thier 3-6pm Happy Hour (7days a week) It is my all time fav for a FANTASTICALLY Best Margarita!
11. Southern Hospitality - Hells Kitchen -
If you love Memphis and you are missing the food from there, this is a good alternative.
12. El Rio Grande - Murray Hill -
I've been back her numerous times and I still think they are one of my favorite Mexican food places I have eaten at in NYC to date. They are the second runner up for a darn good ole Margarita! (First see # 10)
13. Ice Culinary Institute - Chelsea - Cooking classes -
If you like to cook and want to learn more about cooking but do not have thetime to go to full time culinary school this is the place to go for recreational classes too. They have a variety of classes day time/night time/ weekends and they do a fantastic job and teaching.
14. Macy's fourth of July fireworks - Absolutely amazing!! Worth seeing!! My apartment has a great view and I did not have to deal with crowds or traffic though.
15. Reminiscence - Chelsea - Store -
fun quirky items store - fun to browse around.
16. High Line - Newly finishe section - though out Chelsea -
They have done such a fab job restoring this, its a must to visit and enjoy!
DON'T in NYC (didn't bother posting links - why bother!)
1. Teqa Restaurant in Murray Hill - my review on Yelp
2. Awesome 80's prom at Webster Hall - If you are from the 80's you will be disappointed. Only go if you want to be around sweet 16 girls & bacherlorette parties.
3. Crooked Knife - Midtown - 30th St. -
The only thing this place had going for it was that it is charming looking. Do not try thier Beer brew...yuck! Food was medicore.
4. Pompeii The Exhibit - in my opinion don't waste your time or money - go to Italy instead. Obviously we can't all afford or have time to go to Italy, this is why I thought this might be fun to see. I was disappointed.