Saturday, October 30, 2010

New Yorkers don't do Pedicabs

According to Donald Trump on one of the recent Apprentice episodes, where the teams had to make money running thier own pedicabs in NYC, he said "New Yorkers" don't take pedicabs.

Well as part of my "Living like a tourist in NYC" even though I am a New Yorker. (Born and raised in Queens, lived in Chelsea, worked many years in NYC, moved to Long Island, but now back in Manhattan with a weekend apartment) Guess what?????? We took a Pedicab! I felt I had to do it at least once. Once is all it will be since it was pretty expensive! We had fun..... though it can be scary at times with all the traffic!

Treat or Treat for Adults at the Madison Club Bar at Roosevelt Hotel

What could be better than "Trick or Treat" Martini's during Halloween weekend in NYC?

Milky Way Martini and Snickers Martini

Just was back on Roosevelt Hotels "NY Know" blog site and was excited to see they have Fall Cocktails out now! Guess we will have to stop by and visit Eddie the bartender again very soon at the Madison Club Bar at the Roosevelt Hotel.

Check out thier blog site below:

The NY Know

A stop to rest my feet at St. Patrick's Cathedral

Rockerfeller Center before the holidays!

Stopped by Rockerfeller center to see the BEFORE Christmas look

"No Soup for you"

Anyone and everyone who is a Seinfeld fan remembers one of the funniest episodes with the "Soup Nazi" Well we can all visit the original place again which re-opened July of 2010. So I headed up there and followed the rules and got my soup and enjoyed! The soup comes with "Bread, fruit and a lindt chocolate too" It was delicious and I will be heading back often since I love soup.

Soupman - 259A West 55th Street, NYC (at 8th Avenue) this is the original

Make sure you follow the rules:

The LINE must be kept moving

1. Pick the Soup you want

2. Have your money ready

3. Move to the extreme left after ordering

Otherwise there may be "NO SOUP FOR YOU"!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

"Let Me In" Interesting flick "Eat Some now, save some for later"

To keep with the scary theme until Halloween, I had to go see a scary movie. Though I was not totally really scared, it did creep me out. A bit twisted and enjoyable. Of course I do not want to say too much because I would spoil it for anyone that did not see it. I feel it was worth it and would recommend it. Do not expect boogie men jumping out and scaring you. It is a twisted story line and vampire themed. Not typical "TrueBlood" or " Vampire Diaries" type vampires.

I love vampires stuff so I found it was a new and different twist on that. All I can say is "East some now and save some for later"

Saturday, October 23, 2010

BloodManor successfully scared me

If you are following me on my blog, by now you know I am a Haunted House Halloween junkie. I love to be scared and try to do Haunted Houses, haunted B&B's or haunted places every year. This year I seem to be going over board and have so far done Nightmare Superstitions in Noho, Jason's Woods in PA and now I have added Blood Manor in Chelsea to my list.

Out of the 3 I have designated BloodManor #2 between the 3 above. We purchased the R.I.P. tickets through Goldstar at a discounted rate of 25.00 per ticket. In my opinion so well worth it. The R.I.P is a V.I.P pass that allows you to skip the line and another plus take the elevator up to the 5th floor.
The make up on the actors was so well done. There was 2-3 actors per room so this helped everyone in the group get scared here and there. One of the faults of not getting scared at Nightmare Superstitions was one actor per room and no real boogie men jumping out at you to surprise you and get you to SCREAM!!

My husband asked if I would go back, and I would if I could not try a new place next year. I am hoping I can finally add Salem, MA to my list October of 2011. (I went to Salem as a kid, but not as an adult yet)

So I would say if you want 15-20 minutes of fun scary stuff and you get get it at a discounted rate, for sure "I DARE YOU TO DO IT" !!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Deals & Things to do this coming week in NYC

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Take me to your leader

There was a buzzzzz that UFO's were spotted in NYC last week. Here are some of my pictures that shows proof!

First take a look near the top left corner of this picture in the sky. (UFO or Not?) Picture was taken from my apartment out the window.

Second this little guy came by to visit

Can you say Pretzel Spaetzle 10 times fast?

Had dinner at one of the many restaurants I have on my list to dine in this next year while we have the apartment called Klee in Chelsea. Due to Oktoberfest time they had a special menu and I couldn't pass up some spaetzle . Cheesy spaetzle with pieces of pretzel?? Wow! A very delicious concept!

I thought this was a really good restaurant, though I have trouble dining at places that I just think are a bit too expensive. I have dined at great places that are reasonable with delicious food, so when I think things are a little inflated I have difficulty wanting to go back. Some may say quality gourmet food should be priced high. I agree to some degree if I am paying for seafood or a really delicious out of this world dish. I paid 15.00 for a 1/2 portion of cheesy spaetzle with pretzels in it. I am part German and had handmade spaetzle many a time, so comparing the noodle to what I had as a kid it did not meet my expectations. It seemed more like cheesy mac n cheese and I actually could not tell where the pretzels were in the dish. I was a bit disappointed. Though now the creativity of the thought of this dish, I may try to create it myself at home some day.

I think I have to try Klee again with their regular menu someday to give this restaurant a fair review.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Meet the Breeds at Javitz

We live right next to Javitz Center so we have decided to take advantage of some of the events they hold there. So we brought our doggie to "Meet the Breeds" hosted by American Kennel Association. It was a well done event. They had a booth with every dog and cat breed with a dog and cat actually at the booth to see and pet. Of course we stopped at the Shetland Sheep dog booth for our doggie Shannon to see some of her kind!

Monday, October 11, 2010

A weekend off from NYC to PA Dutch

Ok I know this is my "New York City" blog but I had to tell you about my weekend break from the city. We decided to head to PA Dutch instead of the city for Columbus Day weekend. After being disappointed at Nightmare Superstitions in Noho NYC, I headed back to an all time favorite haunt of mine "Jasons Woods". It was as great as I remember and I had MANY a scream! I got on a Haunted Hayride, Haunted House, a 3D haunted pirate house and a museum of items from horror movies and such all for 45.00 almost the same as Nightmare Superstitions which I had no scares and one exhibit.
I also wanted to make special mention to the great B&B we stayed at called Greystone Manor in Bird in Hand. Besides being so reasonable the grounds and home is just lovely. I highly recommend staying here if you head off to PA Dutch.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I love Steve Carell even more now....

After disappointments this weekend with my Pretzel Spaetzel and Brewtopia I was afraid to go to my last event of my weekend which was part of the "New Yorker Festival" to see an interview with Steve Carell. Well thank goodness we did go, this was my highlight of the weekend and I wish I would have bought more tickets to the New Yorker Festival for that weekend.
Steve Carell was humble and funny. My husband never cared for Carell and after leaving he was very impressed with him. It was an enjoyable event.
I will miss Steve Carell when he leaves "The Office" one of my favorite sitcoms.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Brewtopia....did not live up to my expectations

So I went to my first beer event. First I would like to mention I prefer beer over wine, but if it comes to tastings I rather be at a wine tasting event! I can go to a pub and drink 3 pints of different beer, no problem. I just could not stomach small portions of different types of beers for a long period of time. First they all started tasting the same to me and second I thought I would barf!
Husband with sample beer cup

I am glad got to try a beer event, though I was told by others beer lovers many people were disappointed with this event. It was very very expensive and they promised entertainment. At 65.00 a person having 3 floors of craft beer tables, just having one guy playing on an acoustic guitar on the 2nd floor does not in my eyes mean there is entertainment at this event. Everyone crowded on floor 2, the other floor emptied. I definately did not drink 65.00 worth of beer. I can go to "The Pony Bar" and have 13 pints of different beer for that price!
So forget the Brewfest's I am headed to the Pony Bar next time I want to sample craft beers! And you should too!!

All in all that will be my first and last beer event unless I visit a brewery. One on my list is "Ommegang"