Saturday, October 23, 2010

BloodManor successfully scared me

If you are following me on my blog, by now you know I am a Haunted House Halloween junkie. I love to be scared and try to do Haunted Houses, haunted B&B's or haunted places every year. This year I seem to be going over board and have so far done Nightmare Superstitions in Noho, Jason's Woods in PA and now I have added Blood Manor in Chelsea to my list.

Out of the 3 I have designated BloodManor #2 between the 3 above. We purchased the R.I.P. tickets through Goldstar at a discounted rate of 25.00 per ticket. In my opinion so well worth it. The R.I.P is a V.I.P pass that allows you to skip the line and another plus take the elevator up to the 5th floor.
The make up on the actors was so well done. There was 2-3 actors per room so this helped everyone in the group get scared here and there. One of the faults of not getting scared at Nightmare Superstitions was one actor per room and no real boogie men jumping out at you to surprise you and get you to SCREAM!!

My husband asked if I would go back, and I would if I could not try a new place next year. I am hoping I can finally add Salem, MA to my list October of 2011. (I went to Salem as a kid, but not as an adult yet)

So I would say if you want 15-20 minutes of fun scary stuff and you get get it at a discounted rate, for sure "I DARE YOU TO DO IT" !!

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