Saturday, November 12, 2011

My favorite NYC restaurant for the last 29 years

Not everyone would give El Quijote 5 stars but this is absolutely my favorite restaurant in New York City mostly due to the lobster being the best I have found in the New York area. (Or maybe anywhere I have been other than Maine) I will be celebrating my 30 year anniversary of going to this restaurant next year. My two recommendations would be the "Santiago Margarita" and of course ordering lobster for dinner. I recommend the daily double two 1 1/4 pound lobsters for 32.95 (as to date) 29 years ago it was the price of 17.95. I recommend getting The lobsters broiled since they put stuffing in them that is an extra special touch. The lobster comes with either a choice of soup or salad and a side dish. Service is always very attentive with 2-3 people tending the table. Out of the almost 30 years I have been going here I have not really ordered much else though my friends have ordered some of the traditional Spanish dishes and really enjoyed them. In my opinion the prices at this restaurant are very reasonable for a Chelsea neighborhood restaurant. I hope this place is there for another 30 years or at least through the rest of my life time!