Friday, December 6, 2013

Hell's Kitchen Oldie but Goodie

Not many places offer two kinds of spirits but that's exactly what Landmark Tavern (11th Ave/46th St) does. Build in 1868, this pub has an abundance of various spirits for the body as well as for the soul. The ghosts of a soldier and a little girl in a flowing white dress make occasional appearances proving that no one wants to leave Hell's Kitchen!"

Friday, June 14, 2013

Living Like a Tourist in NYC - The Ride

Yes some would call me a geek or a nerd because even though I was born and raised here in the NYC area, I love to live like a tourist in the BIG APPLE. 

My 49th Birthday I decided to hop on aboard "The Ride". 

I guess I am not the only one who likes living like a tourist in NYC, because when the group that was on board the bus was asked where they were from most were from the NYC area! 

"The Ride" bus seats are set up like a theatre to the side looking out into the streets of NYC.  The show IS what happens on the streets of NYC.  Well with a little added acting too. 

It was an enjoyable ride.....with fun entertainment. 

For more info on "The Ride"  visit their website at

Sunday, May 19, 2013

What I love about NYC

Well I love so much, but one of the many things I love about New York City is the variety of restaurants to dine at on a Spring day outside. 

What is one of your favorite things about NYC?

This is me dining outside in Little Italy

Place's I love in NYC - New Beer!

If you love craft beer than "The Pony Bar" shouldn't be missed.   Some of the finest crafted beers in America to choose from and when one runs out and a new tap begins the bell rings and every say "New Beer"

Two locations:
637 10th Avenue at 45th Street or 1444 1st Avenue at 75th Street

Monday, May 6, 2013

The Red Cat Restaurant - worth a visit! Great food!

During my two year stay in NYC recently "The Red Cat Restaurant" in Chelsea became one of my favorites.   I also enjoyed the convenience of being near one of the entrances of the "High Line" for a before or after dinner walk.

Make sure you order the Baked Polenta as a side dish.  I get that every time!

The Red Cat
227 Tenth Avenue
Chelsea, New York, NY

Reservations recommended - Available to do so on Open Table

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring Time - take a walk on the High Line!

The High Line is one of the best new parks to explore in NYC -  Well not so new, but now complete.  This is a worth to visit for NYers & tourists especially during the Springtime months.

A day on top of the world - my favorite NYC building

As long as I can remember I have been in awe of this building.  I can never get enough of looking at the "Empire State Building" and I always want to take another picture.

Last year I decided to go back to the top.  I have not visited the top of the Empire State Building since the late 1980's when it was common for me to go up on top during a lunch hour.  (Mind you the lines were not long back then)

Views looking down on NYC

Above - A view of where I was living 505W37th