Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dining out during my painful days in NYC - November 2011

November 5 - El Quijote - Chelsea - it was somewhat appropriate to come here when my pain was getting less, since this was the last place I was able to go after I hurt myself. I was excited to get back and they have booths for dining so easy on the back. As for what I think of El Quijote see my previous post .... Two must orders at El Quijote would be the Lobster daily double broiled (the best I ever had) and the Santiago Margarita straight up!

November 6th - HK Hell's Kitchen - This place is starting to become my favorite close to home place. I just love that they have "Happy Hour" 7 days a week and they have the yummiest cocktail menu!! Definitely try the Chocolate Martini. And this is a must place for brunch with an "ALL you can drink" option (Mimosa, bloody mary's, Bellini's and Champagne) and though its hard to get a table and a wait on weekend for brunch you can pay for your "All you can drink" option at the bar while you wait.

November 12th - East of Eighth - Chelsea - here over 10 years ago and not sure why I wanted this long to go back. Decided during this painful period in my life, 23rd street is an easy place to park on a Saturday night so we headed over early for the 7pm parking time. The restaurant area is upstairs though but my pain has not been as intense so walking the steps was not to bad. I highly recommend what I ordered "The Lobster pot pie"

November 26th - Dos Caminos Park - Flatiron district
A couple of years ago I had Brunch at the Dos Caminos in Soho which was not a good experience. When I arrived at the their other location on Park Avenue my first impression was the decor which I really loved. Tin lanterns in all different sizes hanging from the ceiling.
It had a Mexico romantic flair. We started off with the Guacamole sampler which I definitely recommend getting. Each of the three were delicious. We really enjoyed our entrees which were made to perfection and served gourmet style on the dish. And I definitely approve of the Cadillac margarita! I will go back if I am in the neighborhood! Or in another neighborhood where they happen to have another one of their restaurants. (picture of my scallop entree)

Dining out during my painful days in NYC October 2011

Slow and steady won the race. I am now, since October 22nd attempting to get out in the city that never sleeps again "New York City" after being on bed rest for 2 months with a herniated disc, sciatica & bursitis in the hip.
October 22nd - Tenth Rail - Hell's Kitchen
- was my first real attempt dining out in my neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen. I was able to walk the few blocks. I picked this place because they have VERY comfortable chairs and booth seats. I figured if I could attempt to sit the first time anywhere this would be a good place to try! Here is my Yelp review
October 23- Lucy Cantina - Penn Station area - I was not as lucky showing up here in a bit of pain already to find booths with hard surface seating. There was an upstairs with booths with pillows but none available and getting up stairs in pain not so easy. I can stand at a bar though for a quick "Happy Hour" frozen margarita for 5.00. That's all their margarita's are worth though. Sort of weak and not as good as my favorite places like "Cowgirl" Since I couldn't sit and eat we just had the Margarita and picked up Mexican at Chipotle on the way home which is down the block. So I did at least get my Mexican food fix! I was probably better off not eating there since Yelp reviews here are not so great with 2 1/2 stars.
October 30 - Brunch at El Rio Grande - Murray Hill I have been here numerous times for dinner which I always loved this was my first experience for Brunch. I had a Breakfast Burrito
Though it was good, I still prefer dinner time with some yummy margarita's! I would like to go back in nicer weather for brunch since they have great outdoor dining at this establishment. I have a feeling when we move eventually to the east side of NYC this will be my favorite "go to" place.

Trying to enjoy NYC in pain and without being able to walking or sit

So back on August 25th I heard a snap when bending over and lifting (yes your heard that right) kitty litter and after that I was in horrible pain for a few months. Finally around October 30th the pain was there but somewhat bearable and I was able to sit again, so after almost 2 months of not doing my favorite NYC activity "Dining out" I am back with limitations. I can't really walk to destinations yet, though last weekend I walked from my apartment to Bryant Park and back which was the first time in 3 months I could do such a thing.
I would have considered getting a wheelchair but there was one little problem. I couldn't sit!! I had a bad case of sciatica and even bursitis in the hip for a bit which caused excruciating pain when I would bend or sit. I couldn't even get in a cab to get around! I guess I could have tried to find a "Standing Wheelchair" or a "Skegway" maybe but I think I would have been more afraid of hurting myself even more getting to an accident with one of those!
So for months I was home, my only entertainment TV and my only close to dining out was (Thank you) Seamless web! See previous blog post (How Seamless Web saved my life)
October 30th was my first time out to brunch. I was able to manage to get into my husbands car so we had figured out where we could find easy parking in NYC on weekends. We have had a lot of success finding parking in NYC every time. If you know how to plan your time correctly you CAN find parking in NYC. We of course stay away from Times Square area and go to neighborhoods like Murray Hill & Chelsea. On Saturday night you can start parking at 6p & 7pm in areas so if you arrive to those destination 15 minutes early you got it made and you just wait. Or maybe get a car like below and you can find parking almost anywhere!

So after this post my next few blog post will be about where I have gone since October 30th, though sometimes still in pain so still limited.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

My favorite NYC restaurant for the last 29 years

Not everyone would give El Quijote 5 stars but this is absolutely my favorite restaurant in New York City mostly due to the lobster being the best I have found in the New York area. (Or maybe anywhere I have been other than Maine) I will be celebrating my 30 year anniversary of going to this restaurant next year. My two recommendations would be the "Santiago Margarita" and of course ordering lobster for dinner. I recommend the daily double two 1 1/4 pound lobsters for 32.95 (as to date) 29 years ago it was the price of 17.95. I recommend getting The lobsters broiled since they put stuffing in them that is an extra special touch. The lobster comes with either a choice of soup or salad and a side dish. Service is always very attentive with 2-3 people tending the table. Out of the almost 30 years I have been going here I have not really ordered much else though my friends have ordered some of the traditional Spanish dishes and really enjoyed them. In my opinion the prices at this restaurant are very reasonable for a Chelsea neighborhood restaurant. I hope this place is there for another 30 years or at least through the rest of my life time!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Seamless Web Saved my life

It can be real torture for a person who loves to dine out and then that is totally taken away from them as it was in my case. August 25, 2011 I hurt myself bending and lifting and still to date I am not in great shape. I had a hernaited disc with sciatica the first few weeks which then turned into Burchitis & Tendinitis and every other itis you can imagine!

We missed most of the month of September going to the city apartment, but when we returned it was fustrating knowing I couldn't do my favorite activity "Dining out" !! So I decided the food will come to me and we would order in from different places from "Seamless"

Thank you Seamless for keeping me sane from September thru October. I ordered in from Diners, Thai, Italian foods, Deli's and more! Even ordered from my Seamless app as we drive in Friday night to the city so our food is there waiting for us.

I wish there was something like Seamless in Long Island too!! Thank you Seamless, we love you!!

Seamless -

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

4 Weeks of Hell and I don't mean Hell's Kitchen

After 4 weeks of hell of hurting my lower back and not being able to move or do much of anything, today I feel a bit better after 2 days on prednisone. Why did I not do this sooner. I tried the natural way first. I do not like to take prescribtion drugs. So I gave everything a try, chiropractic care (which did keep me aligned), Accupunture helped for 3 days out of the four weeks, stretching and yoga did help elevate the pain for an hour or two. I guess the inflammation was just too bad for me to heal so when I found out my mom is now battleing breast cancer I gave into taking the prednisone so I can be there for her.
We just resigned our lease for a year and the day after I heard this pop in my lower left side of my back. And I knew, this pop was farmiliar to me, since it happen before. When it happen in the past a few extra appointments at the chiropractor helped and with in 2-3 weeks I was fine. I guess this time was the last straw for that spot. So next week I am going for an MRI to see why this keeps happening.
So it has been about 4 weeks since I have been to our NYC apartment and this weekend I will attempted one night at least to see the views I miss so much!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Good News, Bad News

The good news is we officially resigned the lease for our NYC apartment and will have it now until September 30, 2012.

The bad news is a day later I pulled something and my sciatica has come back the worst it has ever been. I have been on bed rest now for two weeks and missed two weekends in the city. I especially am disappointed to miss a 3 day weekend (Labor Day weekend) which is also my Birthday weekend in the city!

Life goes on and I hope to return next weekend and start bringing more blog posts of things I will be doing!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Have you ever left a Restaurant & still hungry?

I came upon the second restaurant in my adult life that I left and spent way over 100.00 for two people and was still hungry!!
Kio Restaurant -
If you are wondering what the first restaurant was it was Maze - at the London NYC.

Another year of being a Nyer living like a Tourist!!

Well our lease was coming to an end...very sad. The responsible thing to do would be to put in a new kitchen in my Long Island home. But hell who wants to be responsible when I can live part time enjoying the BEST CITY in the WORLD! NEW YORK we are not leaving just yet.
There were so many restaurants and activities I still wanted to do that I did not get a chance to do!! Now I can!!! And I just started getting into take some great recreational cooking classes at Ice Culinary school. So now I will be taking more of those!!
YAY!!! NYC we are hear to stay!! (at least till Sept. 30, 2012) We still have over a year of this view!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Do's & Don't List

Yes, Long time no posting on my blog. I have not posted since April 2011. I had a few crazy busy months, but I was still on the go here and there in NYC. To sum things up I have some "Do's & Don't" of what I did over the past few months. Enjoy!!
(Not in any order)
DO's in NYC
1. HK Cafe - Hell's Kitchen -
The brunch is a must!
2. The LOT - (High Line at 30th Street entrance)
this is only here for the summer of 2011, but if you are a Food Truck junkie and love craft beer, I highly making a stop here.
3. Piola - East Village
Fell upon this place on a walk home and loved the selections of pizza and also noticed they have an "All you can eat Pizza" on Sundays.
4. The Red Cat - Restaurant - Chelsea -
Next to my long time favorite also in Chelsea El Quijote, I list this as my next favorite in NYC so far to date. The food is flavorful and delicious especially thier side dish of polenta.
5. The Addams Family - Broadway show -
I really enjoyed this show. The cast looked just like the Addams family. It was cute & funny and the stage sets done amazingly well. The singing was a bit disappointing, but I still think this should be a "DO"
6. Hair - Broadway show - If you are from the 60's or have interest in the 60's I would say this is a "DO" but you only have until September 10, 2011!!
7. The Pony Bar - Hell's Kitchen -
been back here numerous times over the months. This is a great bar for people who LOVE Craft beer. I hope to be back many more times as long as I rent in Hell's Kitchen NYC!
8. The Frying Pan - Chelsea -
Of course I returned to the Frying pan when the weather warmed up. A real novilty not to be missed to go once during the warm month for a lunch
9. Food Trucks - Wafels & Dinges Truck & Coolhaus - two musts to follow on Twitter and know where they are so you can try them!! DELICIOUS!!! Twitter - @COOLHAUS @Waffletruck
10. Cowgirl Hall of Fame - West Village - BEST MARGARITA's -
Been here over and over for thier 3-6pm Happy Hour (7days a week) It is my all time fav for a FANTASTICALLY Best Margarita!
11. Southern Hospitality - Hells Kitchen -
If you love Memphis and you are missing the food from there, this is a good alternative.
12. El Rio Grande - Murray Hill -
I've been back her numerous times and I still think they are one of my favorite Mexican food places I have eaten at in NYC to date. They are the second runner up for a darn good ole Margarita! (First see # 10)
13. Ice Culinary Institute - Chelsea - Cooking classes -
If you like to cook and want to learn more about cooking but do not have thetime to go to full time culinary school this is the place to go for recreational classes too. They have a variety of classes day time/night time/ weekends and they do a fantastic job and teaching.
14. Macy's fourth of July fireworks - Absolutely amazing!! Worth seeing!! My apartment has a great view and I did not have to deal with crowds or traffic though.
15. Reminiscence - Chelsea - Store -
fun quirky items store - fun to browse around.
16. High Line - Newly finishe section - though out Chelsea -
They have done such a fab job restoring this, its a must to visit and enjoy!
DON'T in NYC (didn't bother posting links - why bother!)
1. Teqa Restaurant in Murray Hill - my review on Yelp
2. Awesome 80's prom at Webster Hall - If you are from the 80's you will be disappointed. Only go if you want to be around sweet 16 girls & bacherlorette parties.
3. Crooked Knife - Midtown - 30th St. -
The only thing this place had going for it was that it is charming looking. Do not try thier Beer brew...yuck! Food was medicore.
4. Pompeii The Exhibit - in my opinion don't waste your time or money - go to Italy instead. Obviously we can't all afford or have time to go to Italy, this is why I thought this might be fun to see. I was disappointed.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

It's Official: Best Happy Hour & Margarita "Cowgirl" West Village

Its official after numerous visits and walking out extremely happy .... It is official .... My choice for BEST FROZEN MARGARITA in NYC is "Cowgirl" in the West Village.

Daily Happy Hour which will get you these deliciously strong Frozen Margarita's at half price is 3-6pm daily.

519 Hudson Street, NYC

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hubby's 40th Birthday

My husband turned 40! So family got together to celebrate. We had dinner at El Rio Grande in Murray Hill. They have pretty darn good Margarita's there too. I like them on the rocks there with salt. They have many flavors to choose from.

The food is pretty awesome there. Great menu with many choices. We have been before and this is why we picked this venue to celebrate. We know the food and Margarita's here are good!

I am really looking forward to when the outdoor area opens for weekend brunch, I hear doggies are welcome there so I can bring "Shannon the Sheltie" in her carriage there!

After we headed on over to Japas38 for some Karaoke, which turned out to be a blast. It was a fun night. Japas38 has many private rooms for Karaoke to choose from, make sure you make reservations. There is also a bar area and if you are daring enough you can sing in front of others too at the bar.

We topped the night off by having Billy's Bakeries Red Velvet Cake (with out Happy Birthday written on it - See my previous post about Billy's Bakery!)

El Rio Grande
160 E. 38th St
btw Lexington and Third
New York, NY 10016
Follow on Twitter at @ElRioGrandeNYC
Check in at FourSquare for Specials

"Shannon the Sheltie"
LIKE Shannon on FACEBOOK at Shannon the Sheltie
Follow her on Twitter @ShannonSheltie
Or for Blog posts at

Japas38 - Karaoke
9 E 38th St
btw 5th & Madison
New York, NY 10016

Artichoke Basille's Pizza - Aok

Delicious pizza, but a bit overpriced. Worth a visit if in the area or spending time at the Highline, good choice for lunch. Pretty crowded so on a nice day it may be hard to get a table.

They have thier own craft beer on tap, that I did not get to try. I will be back, want to try it!

114 10th Avenue
17th and 18th
New York, NY 10011

Follow them on Twitter @artichokepizza

Shame on you "Billy's Bakery" Chelsea

I've been to Billy's Bakery numerous times and have always enjoyed anything I have purchased there. When you walk in and look at all thier Bakery goods every items looks appetizing. You just want to buy it all and eat it all!

So when it came time to celebrate hubby's 40th Birthday and we needed a cake, we thought we should go to Billy's to get a Red Velvet cake....YUM YUM!

Ok I can not say ONE bad thing about how deliciously enjoyable it was. But I can say this. First they should have smaller size cakes. This cake was pretty large and pretty expensive at 48.00. What was REALLY upsetting to me was, ok I gave in on the price and when I asked if they could write "Happy Birthday" on it they had the nerve to tell me that was 2.00 extra!?!?!? WTF? Sorry Billy, shame on you! That's is just bad business when someone is forking over 48.00 for a cake.

We did buy the cake and it was delicious, but that 2.00 charge left a bad taste in my mouth.

You too can over pay for a cake here on thier website

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wafels & Dinges - OMG!!!!!!!!!

Finally came upon the Wafel's & Dinges Truck!! This was on my "To Do" list. And holy moly! So worth the wait. So SCRUMPTIOUSLY DELICIOUS! I was in FOOD Heaven!!

Find that truck!! And EAT!!

Follow them on Twitter to find thier location of the day and Comments from all the lucky people eating them at that time! @waffletruck

Green Flea Market & Farmers Market -

Much better than Hell's Kitchen Flea Market. Larger & better items to choose from.

Columbus Ave
Bt 77th & 79th st
New York, NY

As for the Farmer's Market, I prefer the Union Square one.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Delilah Dix, this Diva knows how to have a good time

Delilah Honey, u were just fab at the Laurie Beechman theatre on March 19th! Hope to see you in NYC soon!

Follow this Diva on Facebook

or on
Twitter @delilahdix

Vynl - Hell's Kitchen - Aok

Great Menu and tasty drinks. High energy vibe, loud music...... if these are some things you like than you may want to try out Vynl.

I visited the Hell's Kitchen location, 2 times. Both times the food was delicious. There is a great mix of all types of food on the menu so there is something for everyone. American, Thai, and even Matzo Ball soup. We had the Peking Duck Rolls on both visits, which are scrumptious!

Vynl - Hell's Kitchen

754 9th Avenue @ 51st Street, NYC

Friday, March 18, 2011

Ben's Kosher Deli - Aok

Now I have a Ben's in both my neighborhoods to enjoy. There is nothing bad I can say about "Ben's" I enjoy the one in Greenvale, Long Island NY and now I enjoy the one on 38th Street.

Ben's Kosher Deli
209 W 38th St
btw 7th & 8th Ave
New York, NY 10018

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Irish Pubs in NYC - Blaggard's

I have a deep love of Ireland, so this is why I beleive I have a love of going to Irish pubs in NYC. It is the only way I can feel close to one of my favorite countries.

This time after our Karaoke practice session for my husbands upcoming birthday party at Japas 38, down the block was Blaggard's Pub. What a pleasant surprise. The decor very traditional "Irish Pub" style. Food quality excellent pub style too. The only issue we had here was we had a waitress who was Polish and hardly spoke english. Going to an Irish Pub, I like my waitress with an Irish brogue. Well it turned out to be an interesting dining experience, right before our food came, she took away our cloth napkins and utensils???? We were able to manage eating the onion soup since she did provide us with a spoon, but when our entrees came we still did not get back our napkins and fork and knife! haha! We had to ask for them back, and for some reason she would not give us our cloth napkins back, she gave us paper napkins back!! Now we know whey they had a "Waitress Wanted" sign in the window!

Blaggard's does have Irish music entertainment on Sundays at 7pm. We were there too early, but I would love to go back to enjoy this too, hopefully they found a new waitress by then.

Blaggard's Pub

8 West 38th Street, NYC

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rickshaw Dumpling Bar - Aok

I am not a fan of "fast foods" so places like Rickshaw make me happy. Fast food but something a bit different to enjoy. I have had some of thier dumplings from thier truck before so I knew what to expect. I wouldn't go out of my way to go there, but when in Chelsea area and I need a quick bite, I would definately stop at Rickshaw's Dumpling Bar.

Rickshaw Dumpling Bar

61 West 23rd Street

Between 5 & 6th

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Restaurant Grading System...what does it really mean???

Ok this restaurant got an A!!! Ok I feel safe dining here! Oh that one got a B.....hmmmmmm let me think about it....maybe. Holy moly that one got a C...........No way in hell!!
Grade Pending?????????? Should I should't I????
What does it all truely mean???
Got a clue? Would you dine at a B or a C? Or Pending? Thoughts?

A Walk in the West Village

Spring is almost here and its time for walking walking walking........A little walking in the West Village today.

The White Horse Tavern, located in New York City's borough of Manhattan at Hudson Street and 11th Street, is known for its 1950s and 1960s Bohemian culture. It is one of the few major gathering-places for writers and artists from this period in Greenwich Village that remains open. The bar opened in 1880, but was known more as a longshoremen's bar than a literary center until Dylan Thomas and other writers began frequenting it in the early 1950s. Due to its literary fame, in the past few decades the White Horse has become a popular destination among tourists.

If you would like to take a walking tour of the West Village here is more info:

Karaoke is our new addiction

For the last two weekends we went to a Karaoke place and rented a room (I'm way too embarressed to sing in front of others yet)

We tried out Japas38 which is where we will have my husbands 40th Birthday party in a couple of weeks. Also this week after one too many Margarita's we wandered into a place, and I do not remember the name. It was a few doors down from Karaoke Duet 35.

My biggest problem is that I only seem to know how to sing "Beatle Songs" with my number one singing hit being "I am the Walrus" (what's up with that) and second issue is I have to listen to the hubby sing off tune!

Looking for the best COSMO in NYC & the WINNER is...

Since we arrived I decided that I wanted to find the bar or restaurant that makes the best Cosmopolitan. I find I am never happy when I order a Cosmo. So I thought it would be fun to go on an adventure of finding who I think makes it the best.

The two main reason it is usually not good is 1. to small of a glass and 2. taste like cranberry juice! I do not like paying over 12.00 dollars for cranberry juice.

Come on! If you dare to charge me 10, 12, or 15 dollars for a Cosmo, please bartender put some vodka in it! There is nothing worse than paying such a high price for a drink and it taste like juice.

Well now I found the bartender and the place that makes it the best, and I wanted to make sure it wasn't a fluke so I have been back 3-5 times ordering them (such a tough job) and they have been consistently great! I was just back there last night and once again, the Cosmo is made to perfection. (Chilled glass, just the right mixtures of ingredients)


Hudson Yard Cafe - Bartender name - Barry!! Stop by and tell Barry that Deb sent you for the BEST COSMO in NYC and see if you agree with me.

Hudson Yard Cafe, 350 10th Avenue at 35th Street New York, NY

Saturday, March 5, 2011

In search of the BEST Margarita happened quickly!!

Ok Best Cosmo...........done

Cowgirl - 519 Hudson St, New York NY 10014

Next Best Margarita...........the last 2 weeks trying a Margarita here and there and not being impressed. My friend tells me go to" Happy Hour" which by the way is every day from 3-6pm at "Cowgirl " in the West village. We arrive and actually at first I was a bit disappointed to find out that only the frozen Margarita's were 1/2 price at Happy Hour. In the past I found frozen Margarita's not to be really strong enough. I usually get mine straight up with salt. Then I noticed on the menu you can add a "Floater" for only 2.00 dollars. (extra shot of tequila to the top of the drink) So I figured that would help liven the drink up to make it to my liking and for only 2.00 dollars! What a bargain!! Usually I have to add a shot or two and pay 10.00 or more for the extra shots!

Well first let me say this Frozen Lime Margarita which is 9.00 but 1/2 price brings it down to 4.50 (add the 2 dollar shot = 6.50) probably didn't even need the floater. This was a GREAT 16 oz (pint size)Frozen Margarita (by the way they have many flavors like Cherry, Mango, Blood Orange, etc) and I had the lime flavor with the floater and I was floating in no time!!! Of course I had to have a second (such a sacrifice) to make sure it was as good as I thought it was, I had to have a second one and the second one was just as yummy!

We had to absorb some of the tequila with some Black & White Nachos! Great!

By the way, the prices for tequila shots are really reasonable at this joint starting at about 3.50 per 1oz shot.

To absolutely positively make sure that this is the BEST Frozen Margarita we will be back next weekend to test it again!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

My day at the New York Times Travel Show - Feb. 2011

The New York Times Travel Show is a yearly event held at the Javits Center in New York City. I have never had the chance to go, but now with living in that area I decided I wanted to go.

Pretty much the event has booths set up and you can visit tour companies, hotels and more all over the world. Many are offering prizes, but I was a big fat loser that day! There are some booths with food and snack samples from that destination. There are stages in each area of the world set up for entertainment.

The other part of the show which I really felt was the best part was the seminars. I got to go to 3 seminars.

Karen Brown Guides - which were guides I loved to use when I was a practicing travel agent - Best B&B and Inns in many destinations all over the world

Another seminar was done by "Rick Steves" with Suggestions for traveling through Europe's back door. I found his suggestions to be great, because I agree that you need to travel and just not do touristy stuff. Going to Europe and doing what the people of that area do, makes you really feel part of the country you are visiting. There is so much more to see than just the tourist trap stuff!! So read and explore before you arrive so you see more! Do your homework!!

Last I saw Samantha Brown - who was very lively, spunky and funny. A native of Brooklyn NY and working for Travel Network now for 11 years. I always like watching her Europe shows, though they are a few years old already, now the newest are Asia travel shows. I highly recommend watching one of her shows if you are going to that destinations I really find them helpful.

I definitely recommend considering going to the New York Times Travel Show when it returns in 2012! Worth 15.00 per ticket and if using the AX card my tickets were only 12.50 each! That is a bargain for a day of fun, entertainment and traveling all the continents of the world.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

El Quijote & D Bar in Chelsea

Another weekend into the city!! Two in a row! Yes! We are on a roll.

Once again 25 mile per hour winds! The picture on our wall on the 27th floor blew off the wall! Holy Moly! When I step outside and have to walk against the wind I feel like my feet our moving but I am standing in one spot still! So Saturday during the day was pretty much a bust, though got to clean and do some chores. One thing I learned from living in the city is there is just so much dust all the time in the apartment. Even if the window is closed there is dust .... lots of dust! Where does it all this dust come from!

Saturday night was made for parties! We met up with family to celebrate my brother in laws birthday and of course we met up at one of our families favorite to dine "El Quijote" I believe I have mentioned this before but this place is a must if you love Lobster! I have been going here for 28 years and ordering the "Daily Double" Lobster special (broiled - you must get it broiled - delicious stuffing) When I first went there when I was 19 years old the Daily double - Two 1 1/4 lb lobsters was only costing 17.95. Today it sells for 34.95 and I still feel it is a bargain.
226 West 23rd Street, Chelsea, NY , NY - Below the Historic Chelsea Hotel

After we headed out to a place my brother in law picked to have more drinks and listen to piano music, but that did not work out when the 6 of us couldn't even fit into the place to get a drink. Right near by we came upon a cute, romantic, cozy bar called "D Bar" , so we wandered in and ordered some great different mix of drinks they have on the menu. We enjoyed it there so much we closed down the place. Drinks are pricey, but different and fun. High energy music is playing, but low enough that you can still have conversation.
Dbar (263 W. 19th Street; 212-493-5150)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I'm BACK!! Old fav Mario Trattoria, The Fighter Movie & Food Parc in Chelsea

Finally back in the "Big Apple" to continue my "Living like a tourist in NYC". Only have the apartment for another 7 months and we missed much of January and 1/2 of February coming we better step it up. Though it still has been difficult cause it has been so WINDY and COLD!!

So due to the climate we did some local favorites and a movie on our first Weekend back.

Friday night - back to our little local favorite place "Mario Trattoria" in Hell's Kitchen - 493 Ninth Avenue between 37th and 38th Street. I can not say enough of how we love dining here. The waitress is so sweet, the decor very quaint, cozy and romantic. The food really delicious. To top it off this restaurant is offered on so you can purchase 25.00 gift certificates when they are sale for only 2.00! Sign up so you know when the sales happen to pay a low price for the certificate. I have 6 for this restaurant waiting to be used. You have to spend a minimum of 35.00 on food and you can use one certificate a month. (see more details on site)

Saturday we went to see - The Fighter - I let my husband pick a movie for a change, and wondering if he choose this one so I would see that his family is not so dysfunctional after all. It is based on a true story about "Irish" Mickey Ward. Boy his family was nutty!! It was an enjoyable movie, not sure I would highly recommend it.

Sunday, even though COLD out we wandered over to Food Parc at the Eventi hotel in Chelsea. I have had it on my list of things to do during my "Living like a tourist in NYC" so we went over for lunch. (6th Avenue and 29th Street) This is a modern food court, with great choice of a variety of foods to order from. They have computers set up so you can order from more than one venue at a time and pay by credit card.

We just wandered up to the counters though. We ordered from "Fornetti". Their baked flat breads were delicious looking so we ordered the Mozzerala and Grilled chicken one and it was really delicious! We would like to go back and order from "Red Farm Stand" since I heard great things about thier dumplings, maybe next time. Follow them on twitter for daily specials discount codes @FoodParc

Friday, February 4, 2011

Please bear with me during my winter Sabbatical

Be back when the snow and ice and brutal COLD weather is gone. Then back to my NYC weekends in Hells Kitchen!

Friday, January 7, 2011

To be continued.....please stay tuned

Well as you noticed the blog writing sorta just stopped. Between surgery, holidays, snow, cold weather.....we just have not got to use the apartment as much as we have been. We will be back!!! So please stay tuned!