Sunday, February 13, 2011

I'm BACK!! Old fav Mario Trattoria, The Fighter Movie & Food Parc in Chelsea

Finally back in the "Big Apple" to continue my "Living like a tourist in NYC". Only have the apartment for another 7 months and we missed much of January and 1/2 of February coming we better step it up. Though it still has been difficult cause it has been so WINDY and COLD!!

So due to the climate we did some local favorites and a movie on our first Weekend back.

Friday night - back to our little local favorite place "Mario Trattoria" in Hell's Kitchen - 493 Ninth Avenue between 37th and 38th Street. I can not say enough of how we love dining here. The waitress is so sweet, the decor very quaint, cozy and romantic. The food really delicious. To top it off this restaurant is offered on so you can purchase 25.00 gift certificates when they are sale for only 2.00! Sign up so you know when the sales happen to pay a low price for the certificate. I have 6 for this restaurant waiting to be used. You have to spend a minimum of 35.00 on food and you can use one certificate a month. (see more details on site)

Saturday we went to see - The Fighter - I let my husband pick a movie for a change, and wondering if he choose this one so I would see that his family is not so dysfunctional after all. It is based on a true story about "Irish" Mickey Ward. Boy his family was nutty!! It was an enjoyable movie, not sure I would highly recommend it.

Sunday, even though COLD out we wandered over to Food Parc at the Eventi hotel in Chelsea. I have had it on my list of things to do during my "Living like a tourist in NYC" so we went over for lunch. (6th Avenue and 29th Street) This is a modern food court, with great choice of a variety of foods to order from. They have computers set up so you can order from more than one venue at a time and pay by credit card.

We just wandered up to the counters though. We ordered from "Fornetti". Their baked flat breads were delicious looking so we ordered the Mozzerala and Grilled chicken one and it was really delicious! We would like to go back and order from "Red Farm Stand" since I heard great things about thier dumplings, maybe next time. Follow them on twitter for daily specials discount codes @FoodParc

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