Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Plaza Food Hall - I'm a Todd English fan

Seems like my blog is always about cocktails or food! Well here I go again. This is about my visit to "The Plaza Food Hall"
When we walked in we were not actually sure what to do. We thought maybe you pick the food you want and sit at that counter. What ever you do, don't do that. Go check in at the front and they will seat you at the next available seats. Then they give you a menu of heavenly choices from any of the Food Bar's. So if you are on a date and you want Italian, but your honey wants sushi, guess what, you both get what you want.
All ingredients used were fresh and of highest standards. As you sit you get to watch the chef's cook, some free entertainment. Though I must admit my husband and I were very concerned with the Risotto. They made a giant bowl of it and it sat and sat and sat there untouched. We were wondering how they were going to salvage this, since it had to get soggy sitting there for so long. I never saw so much risotto at once!
I had the "Caramelized onion & brussel sprouts on flat bread with gorgonzola cheese. I always seem to make a wise delicious choice. My husband had a salad and some sushi, once again fine fresh ingredients.
It was a Sunday when we visited so we decided to have some mimosa's, they were a shocking 15.00 each! We did know going into this Todd English establishment, great delicious foods by this chef never comes cheap.
I highly recommend a visit to "The Plaza Food Hall". As you all know I am a New Yorker living like a tourist, so I had to try "The Plaza Food Hall" at least one time and I am glad I did.

National Margarita Day! February 22, 2012

Do yourself a favor, and stop and pick up a Margarita today! I highly recommend it!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Blogger panic!!

For weeks now I could not get into my blogger account to post! Today I was finally able to sign in and see my blog. I was in such a panic! I knew I did not lose it cause I could see it, just couldn't post! Well the panic is over and I can once again catch up on my adventures of NYC!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Only 8 months left

Sad to say but we will not be renewing our lease in September 2012😥