Sunday, October 30, 2011

Seamless Web Saved my life

It can be real torture for a person who loves to dine out and then that is totally taken away from them as it was in my case. August 25, 2011 I hurt myself bending and lifting and still to date I am not in great shape. I had a hernaited disc with sciatica the first few weeks which then turned into Burchitis & Tendinitis and every other itis you can imagine!

We missed most of the month of September going to the city apartment, but when we returned it was fustrating knowing I couldn't do my favorite activity "Dining out" !! So I decided the food will come to me and we would order in from different places from "Seamless"

Thank you Seamless for keeping me sane from September thru October. I ordered in from Diners, Thai, Italian foods, Deli's and more! Even ordered from my Seamless app as we drive in Friday night to the city so our food is there waiting for us.

I wish there was something like Seamless in Long Island too!! Thank you Seamless, we love you!!

Seamless -