Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hubby's 40th Birthday

My husband turned 40! So family got together to celebrate. We had dinner at El Rio Grande in Murray Hill. They have pretty darn good Margarita's there too. I like them on the rocks there with salt. They have many flavors to choose from.

The food is pretty awesome there. Great menu with many choices. We have been before and this is why we picked this venue to celebrate. We know the food and Margarita's here are good!

I am really looking forward to when the outdoor area opens for weekend brunch, I hear doggies are welcome there so I can bring "Shannon the Sheltie" in her carriage there!

After we headed on over to Japas38 for some Karaoke, which turned out to be a blast. It was a fun night. Japas38 has many private rooms for Karaoke to choose from, make sure you make reservations. There is also a bar area and if you are daring enough you can sing in front of others too at the bar.

We topped the night off by having Billy's Bakeries Red Velvet Cake (with out Happy Birthday written on it - See my previous post about Billy's Bakery!)

El Rio Grande
160 E. 38th St
btw Lexington and Third
New York, NY 10016
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"Shannon the Sheltie"
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Japas38 - Karaoke
9 E 38th St
btw 5th & Madison
New York, NY 10016

Artichoke Basille's Pizza - Aok

Delicious pizza, but a bit overpriced. Worth a visit if in the area or spending time at the Highline, good choice for lunch. Pretty crowded so on a nice day it may be hard to get a table.

They have thier own craft beer on tap, that I did not get to try. I will be back, want to try it!

114 10th Avenue
17th and 18th
New York, NY 10011

Follow them on Twitter @artichokepizza

Shame on you "Billy's Bakery" Chelsea

I've been to Billy's Bakery numerous times and have always enjoyed anything I have purchased there. When you walk in and look at all thier Bakery goods every items looks appetizing. You just want to buy it all and eat it all!

So when it came time to celebrate hubby's 40th Birthday and we needed a cake, we thought we should go to Billy's to get a Red Velvet cake....YUM YUM!

Ok I can not say ONE bad thing about how deliciously enjoyable it was. But I can say this. First they should have smaller size cakes. This cake was pretty large and pretty expensive at 48.00. What was REALLY upsetting to me was, ok I gave in on the price and when I asked if they could write "Happy Birthday" on it they had the nerve to tell me that was 2.00 extra!?!?!? WTF? Sorry Billy, shame on you! That's is just bad business when someone is forking over 48.00 for a cake.

We did buy the cake and it was delicious, but that 2.00 charge left a bad taste in my mouth.

You too can over pay for a cake here on thier website

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wafels & Dinges - OMG!!!!!!!!!

Finally came upon the Wafel's & Dinges Truck!! This was on my "To Do" list. And holy moly! So worth the wait. So SCRUMPTIOUSLY DELICIOUS! I was in FOOD Heaven!!

Find that truck!! And EAT!!

Follow them on Twitter to find thier location of the day and Comments from all the lucky people eating them at that time! @waffletruck

Green Flea Market & Farmers Market -

Much better than Hell's Kitchen Flea Market. Larger & better items to choose from.

Columbus Ave
Bt 77th & 79th st
New York, NY

As for the Farmer's Market, I prefer the Union Square one.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Delilah Dix, this Diva knows how to have a good time

Delilah Honey, u were just fab at the Laurie Beechman theatre on March 19th! Hope to see you in NYC soon!

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Vynl - Hell's Kitchen - Aok

Great Menu and tasty drinks. High energy vibe, loud music...... if these are some things you like than you may want to try out Vynl.

I visited the Hell's Kitchen location, 2 times. Both times the food was delicious. There is a great mix of all types of food on the menu so there is something for everyone. American, Thai, and even Matzo Ball soup. We had the Peking Duck Rolls on both visits, which are scrumptious!

Vynl - Hell's Kitchen

754 9th Avenue @ 51st Street, NYC

Friday, March 18, 2011

Ben's Kosher Deli - Aok

Now I have a Ben's in both my neighborhoods to enjoy. There is nothing bad I can say about "Ben's" I enjoy the one in Greenvale, Long Island NY and now I enjoy the one on 38th Street.

Ben's Kosher Deli
209 W 38th St
btw 7th & 8th Ave
New York, NY 10018

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Irish Pubs in NYC - Blaggard's

I have a deep love of Ireland, so this is why I beleive I have a love of going to Irish pubs in NYC. It is the only way I can feel close to one of my favorite countries.

This time after our Karaoke practice session for my husbands upcoming birthday party at Japas 38, down the block was Blaggard's Pub. What a pleasant surprise. The decor very traditional "Irish Pub" style. Food quality excellent pub style too. The only issue we had here was we had a waitress who was Polish and hardly spoke english. Going to an Irish Pub, I like my waitress with an Irish brogue. Well it turned out to be an interesting dining experience, right before our food came, she took away our cloth napkins and utensils???? We were able to manage eating the onion soup since she did provide us with a spoon, but when our entrees came we still did not get back our napkins and fork and knife! haha! We had to ask for them back, and for some reason she would not give us our cloth napkins back, she gave us paper napkins back!! Now we know whey they had a "Waitress Wanted" sign in the window!

Blaggard's does have Irish music entertainment on Sundays at 7pm. We were there too early, but I would love to go back to enjoy this too, hopefully they found a new waitress by then.

Blaggard's Pub

8 West 38th Street, NYC

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rickshaw Dumpling Bar - Aok

I am not a fan of "fast foods" so places like Rickshaw make me happy. Fast food but something a bit different to enjoy. I have had some of thier dumplings from thier truck before so I knew what to expect. I wouldn't go out of my way to go there, but when in Chelsea area and I need a quick bite, I would definately stop at Rickshaw's Dumpling Bar.

Rickshaw Dumpling Bar

61 West 23rd Street

Between 5 & 6th

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Restaurant Grading System...what does it really mean???

Ok this restaurant got an A!!! Ok I feel safe dining here! Oh that one got a B.....hmmmmmm let me think about it....maybe. Holy moly that one got a C...........No way in hell!!
Grade Pending?????????? Should I should't I????
What does it all truely mean???
Got a clue? Would you dine at a B or a C? Or Pending? Thoughts?

A Walk in the West Village

Spring is almost here and its time for walking walking walking........A little walking in the West Village today.

The White Horse Tavern, located in New York City's borough of Manhattan at Hudson Street and 11th Street, is known for its 1950s and 1960s Bohemian culture. It is one of the few major gathering-places for writers and artists from this period in Greenwich Village that remains open. The bar opened in 1880, but was known more as a longshoremen's bar than a literary center until Dylan Thomas and other writers began frequenting it in the early 1950s. Due to its literary fame, in the past few decades the White Horse has become a popular destination among tourists.

If you would like to take a walking tour of the West Village here is more info:

Karaoke is our new addiction

For the last two weekends we went to a Karaoke place and rented a room (I'm way too embarressed to sing in front of others yet)

We tried out Japas38 which is where we will have my husbands 40th Birthday party in a couple of weeks. Also this week after one too many Margarita's we wandered into a place, and I do not remember the name. It was a few doors down from Karaoke Duet 35.

My biggest problem is that I only seem to know how to sing "Beatle Songs" with my number one singing hit being "I am the Walrus" (what's up with that) and second issue is I have to listen to the hubby sing off tune!

Looking for the best COSMO in NYC & the WINNER is...

Since we arrived I decided that I wanted to find the bar or restaurant that makes the best Cosmopolitan. I find I am never happy when I order a Cosmo. So I thought it would be fun to go on an adventure of finding who I think makes it the best.

The two main reason it is usually not good is 1. to small of a glass and 2. taste like cranberry juice! I do not like paying over 12.00 dollars for cranberry juice.

Come on! If you dare to charge me 10, 12, or 15 dollars for a Cosmo, please bartender put some vodka in it! There is nothing worse than paying such a high price for a drink and it taste like juice.

Well now I found the bartender and the place that makes it the best, and I wanted to make sure it wasn't a fluke so I have been back 3-5 times ordering them (such a tough job) and they have been consistently great! I was just back there last night and once again, the Cosmo is made to perfection. (Chilled glass, just the right mixtures of ingredients)


Hudson Yard Cafe - Bartender name - Barry!! Stop by and tell Barry that Deb sent you for the BEST COSMO in NYC and see if you agree with me.

Hudson Yard Cafe, 350 10th Avenue at 35th Street New York, NY

Saturday, March 5, 2011

In search of the BEST Margarita happened quickly!!

Ok Best Cosmo...........done

Cowgirl - 519 Hudson St, New York NY 10014

Next Best Margarita...........the last 2 weeks trying a Margarita here and there and not being impressed. My friend tells me go to" Happy Hour" which by the way is every day from 3-6pm at "Cowgirl " in the West village. We arrive and actually at first I was a bit disappointed to find out that only the frozen Margarita's were 1/2 price at Happy Hour. In the past I found frozen Margarita's not to be really strong enough. I usually get mine straight up with salt. Then I noticed on the menu you can add a "Floater" for only 2.00 dollars. (extra shot of tequila to the top of the drink) So I figured that would help liven the drink up to make it to my liking and for only 2.00 dollars! What a bargain!! Usually I have to add a shot or two and pay 10.00 or more for the extra shots!

Well first let me say this Frozen Lime Margarita which is 9.00 but 1/2 price brings it down to 4.50 (add the 2 dollar shot = 6.50) probably didn't even need the floater. This was a GREAT 16 oz (pint size)Frozen Margarita (by the way they have many flavors like Cherry, Mango, Blood Orange, etc) and I had the lime flavor with the floater and I was floating in no time!!! Of course I had to have a second (such a sacrifice) to make sure it was as good as I thought it was, I had to have a second one and the second one was just as yummy!

We had to absorb some of the tequila with some Black & White Nachos! Great!

By the way, the prices for tequila shots are really reasonable at this joint starting at about 3.50 per 1oz shot.

To absolutely positively make sure that this is the BEST Frozen Margarita we will be back next weekend to test it again!