Saturday, March 5, 2011

In search of the BEST Margarita happened quickly!!

Ok Best Cosmo...........done

Cowgirl - 519 Hudson St, New York NY 10014

Next Best Margarita...........the last 2 weeks trying a Margarita here and there and not being impressed. My friend tells me go to" Happy Hour" which by the way is every day from 3-6pm at "Cowgirl " in the West village. We arrive and actually at first I was a bit disappointed to find out that only the frozen Margarita's were 1/2 price at Happy Hour. In the past I found frozen Margarita's not to be really strong enough. I usually get mine straight up with salt. Then I noticed on the menu you can add a "Floater" for only 2.00 dollars. (extra shot of tequila to the top of the drink) So I figured that would help liven the drink up to make it to my liking and for only 2.00 dollars! What a bargain!! Usually I have to add a shot or two and pay 10.00 or more for the extra shots!

Well first let me say this Frozen Lime Margarita which is 9.00 but 1/2 price brings it down to 4.50 (add the 2 dollar shot = 6.50) probably didn't even need the floater. This was a GREAT 16 oz (pint size)Frozen Margarita (by the way they have many flavors like Cherry, Mango, Blood Orange, etc) and I had the lime flavor with the floater and I was floating in no time!!! Of course I had to have a second (such a sacrifice) to make sure it was as good as I thought it was, I had to have a second one and the second one was just as yummy!

We had to absorb some of the tequila with some Black & White Nachos! Great!

By the way, the prices for tequila shots are really reasonable at this joint starting at about 3.50 per 1oz shot.

To absolutely positively make sure that this is the BEST Frozen Margarita we will be back next weekend to test it again!

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