Sunday, March 13, 2011

Irish Pubs in NYC - Blaggard's

I have a deep love of Ireland, so this is why I beleive I have a love of going to Irish pubs in NYC. It is the only way I can feel close to one of my favorite countries.

This time after our Karaoke practice session for my husbands upcoming birthday party at Japas 38, down the block was Blaggard's Pub. What a pleasant surprise. The decor very traditional "Irish Pub" style. Food quality excellent pub style too. The only issue we had here was we had a waitress who was Polish and hardly spoke english. Going to an Irish Pub, I like my waitress with an Irish brogue. Well it turned out to be an interesting dining experience, right before our food came, she took away our cloth napkins and utensils???? We were able to manage eating the onion soup since she did provide us with a spoon, but when our entrees came we still did not get back our napkins and fork and knife! haha! We had to ask for them back, and for some reason she would not give us our cloth napkins back, she gave us paper napkins back!! Now we know whey they had a "Waitress Wanted" sign in the window!

Blaggard's does have Irish music entertainment on Sundays at 7pm. We were there too early, but I would love to go back to enjoy this too, hopefully they found a new waitress by then.

Blaggard's Pub

8 West 38th Street, NYC

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