Saturday, December 3, 2011

Trying to enjoy NYC in pain and without being able to walking or sit

So back on August 25th I heard a snap when bending over and lifting (yes your heard that right) kitty litter and after that I was in horrible pain for a few months. Finally around October 30th the pain was there but somewhat bearable and I was able to sit again, so after almost 2 months of not doing my favorite NYC activity "Dining out" I am back with limitations. I can't really walk to destinations yet, though last weekend I walked from my apartment to Bryant Park and back which was the first time in 3 months I could do such a thing.
I would have considered getting a wheelchair but there was one little problem. I couldn't sit!! I had a bad case of sciatica and even bursitis in the hip for a bit which caused excruciating pain when I would bend or sit. I couldn't even get in a cab to get around! I guess I could have tried to find a "Standing Wheelchair" or a "Skegway" maybe but I think I would have been more afraid of hurting myself even more getting to an accident with one of those!
So for months I was home, my only entertainment TV and my only close to dining out was (Thank you) Seamless web! See previous blog post (How Seamless Web saved my life)
October 30th was my first time out to brunch. I was able to manage to get into my husbands car so we had figured out where we could find easy parking in NYC on weekends. We have had a lot of success finding parking in NYC every time. If you know how to plan your time correctly you CAN find parking in NYC. We of course stay away from Times Square area and go to neighborhoods like Murray Hill & Chelsea. On Saturday night you can start parking at 6p & 7pm in areas so if you arrive to those destination 15 minutes early you got it made and you just wait. Or maybe get a car like below and you can find parking almost anywhere!

So after this post my next few blog post will be about where I have gone since October 30th, though sometimes still in pain so still limited.

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