Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dining out during my painful days in NYC October 2011

Slow and steady won the race. I am now, since October 22nd attempting to get out in the city that never sleeps again "New York City" after being on bed rest for 2 months with a herniated disc, sciatica & bursitis in the hip.
October 22nd - Tenth Rail - Hell's Kitchen
- was my first real attempt dining out in my neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen. I was able to walk the few blocks. I picked this place because they have VERY comfortable chairs and booth seats. I figured if I could attempt to sit the first time anywhere this would be a good place to try! Here is my Yelp review
October 23- Lucy Cantina - Penn Station area - I was not as lucky showing up here in a bit of pain already to find booths with hard surface seating. There was an upstairs with booths with pillows but none available and getting up stairs in pain not so easy. I can stand at a bar though for a quick "Happy Hour" frozen margarita for 5.00. That's all their margarita's are worth though. Sort of weak and not as good as my favorite places like "Cowgirl" Since I couldn't sit and eat we just had the Margarita and picked up Mexican at Chipotle on the way home which is down the block. So I did at least get my Mexican food fix! I was probably better off not eating there since Yelp reviews here are not so great with 2 1/2 stars.
October 30 - Brunch at El Rio Grande - Murray Hill I have been here numerous times for dinner which I always loved this was my first experience for Brunch. I had a Breakfast Burrito
Though it was good, I still prefer dinner time with some yummy margarita's! I would like to go back in nicer weather for brunch since they have great outdoor dining at this establishment. I have a feeling when we move eventually to the east side of NYC this will be my favorite "go to" place.

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