Saturday, October 2, 2010

Brewtopia....did not live up to my expectations

So I went to my first beer event. First I would like to mention I prefer beer over wine, but if it comes to tastings I rather be at a wine tasting event! I can go to a pub and drink 3 pints of different beer, no problem. I just could not stomach small portions of different types of beers for a long period of time. First they all started tasting the same to me and second I thought I would barf!
Husband with sample beer cup

I am glad got to try a beer event, though I was told by others beer lovers many people were disappointed with this event. It was very very expensive and they promised entertainment. At 65.00 a person having 3 floors of craft beer tables, just having one guy playing on an acoustic guitar on the 2nd floor does not in my eyes mean there is entertainment at this event. Everyone crowded on floor 2, the other floor emptied. I definately did not drink 65.00 worth of beer. I can go to "The Pony Bar" and have 13 pints of different beer for that price!
So forget the Brewfest's I am headed to the Pony Bar next time I want to sample craft beers! And you should too!!

All in all that will be my first and last beer event unless I visit a brewery. One on my list is "Ommegang"

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