Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Can you say Pretzel Spaetzle 10 times fast?

Had dinner at one of the many restaurants I have on my list to dine in this next year while we have the apartment called Klee in Chelsea. Due to Oktoberfest time they had a special menu and I couldn't pass up some spaetzle . Cheesy spaetzle with pieces of pretzel?? Wow! A very delicious concept!

I thought this was a really good restaurant, though I have trouble dining at places that I just think are a bit too expensive. I have dined at great places that are reasonable with delicious food, so when I think things are a little inflated I have difficulty wanting to go back. Some may say quality gourmet food should be priced high. I agree to some degree if I am paying for seafood or a really delicious out of this world dish. I paid 15.00 for a 1/2 portion of cheesy spaetzle with pretzels in it. I am part German and had handmade spaetzle many a time, so comparing the noodle to what I had as a kid it did not meet my expectations. It seemed more like cheesy mac n cheese and I actually could not tell where the pretzels were in the dish. I was a bit disappointed. Though now the creativity of the thought of this dish, I may try to create it myself at home some day.

I think I have to try Klee again with their regular menu someday to give this restaurant a fair review.

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