Saturday, October 30, 2010

New Yorkers don't do Pedicabs

According to Donald Trump on one of the recent Apprentice episodes, where the teams had to make money running thier own pedicabs in NYC, he said "New Yorkers" don't take pedicabs.

Well as part of my "Living like a tourist in NYC" even though I am a New Yorker. (Born and raised in Queens, lived in Chelsea, worked many years in NYC, moved to Long Island, but now back in Manhattan with a weekend apartment) Guess what?????? We took a Pedicab! I felt I had to do it at least once. Once is all it will be since it was pretty expensive! We had fun..... though it can be scary at times with all the traffic!


  1. very proud of you. now that you got that out of the way, I better not see you on a tour bus! xo

  2. I will be doing two tour bus tours. "The Ride" and the Kenny Kramer tour...sorry! LOL