Monday, August 20, 2012

A walk down 37th Street to Javits Center

New Yorkers I need your help!!!!  I am disgusted with the New York City that they do not do anything about a street where many "Out of Towners" use to walk to the Javits Center.  This is 37th Street between 10th & 11th.  (Closer to the 11th Avenue area) I rented on this block for the last two years on the 10th Avenue end which is a beautiful luxury rental building.  I avoid usually going to the 11th Avenue end.  I am embarrassed as I walk up this street today to go to the New York International Gift Show.  I looked at others who are not from NYC looking in disgust as they head up this block to get to Javits.  Why doesn't the city fine these businesses and landlords that leave garbage all over the sidewalk to blow everywhere in the streets.  Besides the garbage a pedestrian can't even walk all the way to Javits by staying on the sidewalk because cars, horses, and horse carriages block the entire sidewalk to make it an obstacle course.

Here is what I saw this morning as I walked up the block.  Pictures are in the order that I saw it.

 When I get to this point I decide to cross the street instead of either
A) get kicked by a horse B) step in horse poop

Now this is disgusting and I do not know why the landlord doesn't get fines for leaving his abandoned building full of garbage on the sidewalk like this!

I hope this blog post makes the Mayor aware of this disgusting embarrassment and he does something about it.  Please share this on twitter and make sure you use the Mayor's twitter account @MikeBloomberg and also @311NYC 

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