Monday, August 9, 2010

Burgers and Cupcakes???

Sunday night headed to Hudson Yard Cafe but found it closed, so we walked another block and ended up on 9th Avenue at "Burger & Cupcake". I have definately had better bigger burgers and better cupcakes in NYC, I would skip it and not waste your money. My favorite cupcakes are CupcakeStop and Crumbs so no one has seemed to come close to those delicious cupcakes.

I have to give Burger and Cupcake a little credit over thier rival a couple of blocks up called Cupcake Cafe at 545 9th Avenue next to port authority. The Cupcake Cafe smelled like urine in that store. (maybe because it is next to smelly port authority) I have no idea how people even sat there eating cupcakes. I walked in and ran out!

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