Saturday, August 14, 2010

First time having Thai! Thai Select

Thai Select on 9th Avenue between 36 & 37th Street , I SELECTED the right choice!

I noticed a Thai restaurant near our apartment I had it in mind that I wanted to try it. It is really hard for me to judge if this is a great Thai restaurant or not, because this is my first time every having Thai food. I also noticed there are TONS of Thai restaurants and since I did enjoy what I had, I am for sure going to try more Thai over and over and over!

This was a good first choice to try Thai food. I had Salmon in a Green Curry sauce and it was delicious and I can not wait to go back to try more options! I am sold on Thai! The only issue I did have with this place is the service was a bit off. They would bring the food at all different times and they actually gave me my husbands appetizer and I did not know until I ate a few and then they brought mine to him and I was like "Hmmmm that looks more like what I ordered" ! So service was really lacking but food delicious in my inexperience Thai food opinion.

The atmosephere was upbeat and hip and appealing to want to go in.

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