Saturday, August 28, 2010

WARNING this place SUXS

I usually do a lot of research on picking restaurants, but since we moved to the city I have a been a bit overwhelmed with life and sometimes it is just nice to stop in a restaurant.

Well we officially had our first REALLY BAD experience dining. And let me tell you I rarely complain about food and restaurants. I am an easy to please diner. Well here is a place I will never go back to "Gallo Nero" on 44th Street off 9th Avenue.

I had passed it and thought it was quite cute and romantic atmosephere. Yes I give it this. But everything then gets ruined by lack of service and horrible food with lack of taste.

We were there between pre and post theatre, so there was only about 6 tables with people so the slow service of waiting for our appetizer for 35 minutes was ridiculous. Even if you have to wait so long a waiter should always check on the table maybe even say something but no one even stopped over in the 35 minutes.

Our entree choices was Gnocchi and Mushroom risotto. The Gnocchi was mushy and tasted like paste. As for the risotto, all I kept thinking about is how Gordon Ramsey would definately throw this back in the chef's face! It was tasteless and actually looked like dog poop. I always finish my meals, and this was just too aweful!

As for the entertainment my husband got to watch the busboy pick his nose at the end of our dining experience. Gross! NEVER AGAIN!!

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