Monday, August 2, 2010

First Full weekend in NYC

Visited many places this first full weekend, one had such a good selection of beer (Pig N Whistle) I went back after shopping at Macy's for a quick pint.

Friday night - we get into the city pretty late, we leave our Long Island home around 8:30pm to avoid traffic. So we ended up at Landsdowne Road on 10th Avenue in Hell's Kitchen. They have a small outdoor dining area, but closes up by 11pm so we had to rush a quick dinner and beer. I did not mind since I thought it is really respectful of the restaurants in Hell's Kitchen to close up the outside areas due to noise. I stuck with an old reliable beer favorite of mine "Blue Moon" . Not sure I would rush back to this restaurant, it was so noisy, but hey you never know.

Saturday night we eneded up at Pig n Whistle thier Midtown location, there are a few in NYC. It is located on 36th street right off 7th Avenue. I really liked this place and it is it is not to far away from our place, so I can see going back here often. I had a couple of pints of one my new favorite beers which is Hoegarrden. I am starting to learn I love Belgium beers and I have Belgium on my top list to travel to someday!

Sunday - Shopping at Macy's - Just to let you know if you are shopping in Macy's cellar I would avoid the bathroom there, they should be ashamed of themselves it was disgusting and out of about 10-12 stalls at least 5 were not usable. Never again! I had not been to Macy's Cellar in years and was fun to revisit.

On my way back to my apartment from Macy's I got to stop again at Pig n Whistle for a quick pint to refresh. Decided to try thier own craft brew "Pig n Whistle Ale" Loved it!!!! Thumbs up!! Looking forward to having it again someday soon!

Sunday evening a visit to Hallo Berlin (the one located on 10th Avenue & 44th Street) they also have a few locations. This one had no air conditioning inside, so there was a choice of a small area in front or a back courtyard area, no breezes available in the back courtyard. We ate in the front, and I was very happy having another one of my favorites beers "Hefeweizen" As you see I do love wheat beers! What saddened me is I was very disappointed in thier German food. I am part German and have had many home made German meals, and grew up in Glendale, Queens an area where all the German immigrants lived and years ago an abundance of German Restaurants. I grew up eating at Zum Stammtisch, and still go back.

Let me add to another one of my favorites for Cupcakes! We bought some cupcakes at the Cupcake Stop truck. Red Velvet, Vanilla Almond and French toast...............Delicious!!! You can visit them at the Limelight Market place of follow them on twitter to find out where thier trucks will be that day.

And last but not least we saw a man peeing at a phone booth, someone having sex in thier car in a parking lot and a man laying on the floor that had to be lifted up by two guys....New York is going to be very interesting! Maybe the guy peeing at the phone booth was at Macy's cellars bathroom and decided to go to the clean phone booth instead!

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