Monday, August 23, 2010

Saturday nights alright for Roof top mimosas!

We have had our apartment now for over a month and I guess because we have been so excited, we are on the run all the time trying to do as much as possible. I can not believe we only have 13 months left with the apartment. We have not really even enjoyed the amenities yet of the building. So this Saturday instead of spending 14 dollars on a martini, we had some Mimosa's on the roof deck before we headed out to dinner. It was must enjoyable due to the amazing views!

After we walked about one block to 9th and had a very nice Italian dinner at a local romantic little Italian restaurant called Mario Trattoria. I think this might be my favorite local little restaurant. I had some delicious Shrimp parmigiana. And the Tiramisu was heavenly light and yummy. Only disappointment was they need better bread, the served chips of bread?? And I wanted decaf coffee, which is not even a choice there. Other than that, which would not me keep coming back, the decor was so romantic and the bathroom so clean! (bathrooms at restaurants are a pet peeve for me!)

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