Saturday, September 25, 2010

To scare or not to scare......NOT at Nightmare: Superstitions NYC

I am a bit of a Halloween Haunted place junkie and excited to have new options this year since I have never done any of the Haunted activities in Manhattan. I have been a junkie of haunts since the early 80's when my first haunted house was the "Haunted Mansion of Long Branch, NJ". This place was awesome and it started my love of going to Haunted places and get scared and screaming!! Unfortunately the Haunted Mansion burnt down. Some of my other favorites over the years have been "Bayville Haunted Firehouse in Long Island", "Jason's Woods" in PA and "Terror behind the Walls" a haunted old prison in Philly. I have been trying over the years to try at least a new Haunt every year. This year I added Nightmare:Superstitions to my list.

All I can say is I am happy I got a discounted ticket on Goldstar,, Nightmare in my opinion was a waste of money and I did not get scared once. I love going into the Haunted Houses and having a few good screams. I think I had a mini scream once. I was so disappointed. Also I have been scared in many Haunted Houses with out anyone having to touch me. I do not understand why they feel the need to touch you, if they can't even scare you. I know people who raved about Nightmare that it is so good they go every year. Maybe they have nothing to compare it to like me??? Should I give it another try maybe next year? I wish I went last year when it was a vampire theme since I am so into TrueBlood & Vampire Diaries. Love my vampires!

Next week I am not staying in the city and heading back to PA to go to Jasons Woods. I have not been for about 4-5 years now, but previously have gone there at least 3 times. They have newly expanded it and I am excited to get the SH*T scared outta me!! BOOOOOOO!!!!

In the following weeks I hope to get to Bayville Scream Park in Long Island and Blood Manor in NYC.

Here are links to some of the Haunted places I have been too

I also like Ghost Tours which I have taken in New Orleans & Gettysburg. Love staying at haunted B&B's and of course enjoy horror movies!

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