Friday, November 12, 2010

BB Kings and my buddy Peter's Birthday!

I grew up in Glendale Queens. It was a great childhood, I couldn't ask for better. Since I can remember I have been friends with Peter who is two years younger than me, and Gina his sister 4 years younger than me

There is nothing better than having friendships last that long. They are more than friends they are family.
So for Peter's birthday he wanted to go to BB Kings to see a singer "Basia" and his family and my husband and I came along. I never heard of "Basia" and was pretty impressed with her voice and lovely music. It was a fun great evening out celebrating!

We ate dinner there too, a bit pricey for sure, but the food was delicious. Getting to BB Kings at 6pm for a 8pm show is recommended if you want to get a good seat, so you mine as well eat there then too.

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