Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Diners in NYC

I was always a fan of the Empire Diner, and was very sad when it closed. Yes I know it was limited menu and expensive, but the history and atmosephere was what made me keep coming back since the mid 80's from when I lived in Chelsea. Well after it closed I have tried a few new diners near by Skyline Diner on 34th St and Market Diner on 11th Ave in Hells Kitchen. But now my vote is in for my new favorite diner "Tick Tock Diner" near Penn Station. They have a great variety on thier menu and very reasonable prices. They have healthier choices and vegeterian dishes which makes me even happier.

So from now on when I need my diner fix I will be headed to "Tick Tock"!!

Tick Tock Diner
location: Corner of 34th Street & 8th Avenue
481 8th Ave. New York N.Y.
OPEN 24 Hours, 7 Days a Week

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