Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Dinner at Cookshop in Chelsea

We went for Thanksgiving. I know the restaurant can be so different when it is not a holiday. It was pre-fixed at 65.00 per person, which I thought was high but if the food is excellent I would be ok with that. We were VERY happy with our appetizer choices, so we felt the experience was going to be great. We both ordered the Turkey since it was Thanksgiving. The turkey was VERY fatty and not good. I thought the sweet potatoes were good, but then I started to taste something crunchy in it during one mouthful and then a second and third mouthful and I gave up. I like creative and different but the Stuffing sticks were just not good. Oh well. Bummed because it was recommended to me to go there. I am thinking it is a good place just not on a holiday.

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